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Rant Journal

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Monday, June 6th, 2005
10:21 pm


Hey. Are you looking for a community where you can interact with people who are knowledgable, and love their drugs? Are you looking for a chance to use your chemical expertise for the benefit of others? Are you a person with a glorious habit, and proud of it?

Well, you've found such a community where the feeling has been mutualized and concentrated.

But first you must meet Our Standards, and win the hearts of OVER HALF of our members in the form of an application process, because we are in fact one of those elitist rating communities, and its simply a way to weed out the lightweights, tasteless idiots, and typical douchewads, from the motherfuckers who know the deal, US, YOU, US. okay? alright then....

Tired of drug communities infested with brainless twits perpetuating the stereotype of the unintelligent, irresponsible, tasteless drug user? Longing to discuss your chemical love affair and lifestyle with other well-educated, well-read, socially aware users? So are we.

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Friday, April 30th, 2004
4:34 pm - Rant about a bitter, bitter man.

It's been nearly two years. Collapse )

current mood: unburdened

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Monday, March 8th, 2004
7:35 pm

Grrrrrrrr! Bloody NatWest website!
All i want to do is order a chequebook online, or find out if i can actually order a cheque book online on the firstplace. But no, a simple thing for anyone else is totally complex for NatWest.

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Saturday, February 21st, 2004
2:15 pm - To the past

I'm not sure you even know that you still turn my head and my world upside down,some 3 years or so later.

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Friday, February 20th, 2004
11:15 am

Yes, I see my mistake now. While you were buying belts for skirts and skirts for dresses and breaking your ankles on skyscraper heels, I was still in school trying to pass my exams. While you were learning how to give head, I was proofreading the school magazine. I do see the fundamental difference here. I don't like it, but I do see it.
And of course, the fact that I can outdo spellcheck by several thousand marks isn't actually the point at all; I can dress like a whore, and I have thigh highs with stiletto heels and that, and apparently give damn good head myself. I can do all that as well, but it doesn't count, does it? Ah, true love.


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Monday, February 16th, 2004
8:10 pm - to no one.
tripthelight pissed the fuck offCollapse )

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
9:08 am

I've got a big problem with how people deal with people who have depression.
Basically, i have bipolar, so one minute i can be quite happily bimbling along, quite happy within myself, the next i just want to hide away and simply can't look on the bright side of anything. A lot of people can't understand that, and sometimes i have to take time off the course i am currently on through the job centre (ack!) because of feeling down/stressed because of various things.
I have to lie to them when i call in sick because they, and many many other people, have the impression that i should "pull myself together and stop being a drama queen"
God,i hope they feel this bad one day so that maybe, just maybe they'll start to understand or just keep their mouth shut.

current mood: stressed

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
12:00 pm

She says she loves me, adores me, wants to be with me.

Then after she comes down to spend the weekend with me, she gets a call from a recent ex who wants to talk about stuff, and without even a glance in my direction she asks him if she should bring her stuff over. OK, so he says no - she should stay at mine as planned, so I agree. She can go. She says she'll try to make it back that evening. But then I get a call saying actually she won't make it back and she'll see me at the goth meet the following day and she'll tell me about some things they were talking about. Well the meet comes and goes, and every person who comes through the door of the pub causes me to turn around to see if it's her. It's not.

Afterwards I get a call on my mobile. I reject it. As if there's anything to say. But she calls a mutual friend who is there and he asks if I'll speak to her, so I take the call. She says she'll be around shortly to my place, nothing happened between them, but she has to talk to me about stuff... it's really important. And she loves me very much. So I get home. I make pasta. I run her a bath. Both go cold. At around 11pm I send her a txt asking if she'll be here or should I leave her things in the boot of my car to pick up the following day. I go to bed in tears. Eventually she calls and actually seems surprised that I'm upset. She calms me down a bit and tells me some of the stuff, and yes it's serious... very serious. But why is she telling him and not me. But I agree to take Monday off work so she can see me. Well it's mid-day and still no word from her.

I am such a fucking idiot.

current mood: rejected

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10:31 am - Rant Journal Presents......

I Hate Valentines Day

Valentines day is coming up, and for many, it's a bloody awful time of the year.

Come forth and rant, people :¬)

current mood: refreshed

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Sunday, February 1st, 2004
10:25 am - It's my community, and i'll rant if i want to....

I do beleieve that, in all my years on this earth (21), and with all of my boyfriends of the past (erm.. about 5)I've only ever recieved a valentines day card once. From a stranger who didn't particually fancy me, but whom i got talking to in a pub one valentines night, and who i told this story to. He shot up from his seat and ran round to the nearest WHSmiths for a card and a box of chocolates. That was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.
Why can't stuff like that happen more often? And why is it that, around the time of valentines day, most singletons want to punch soppy couples full force in the face for being stupidly sickening. Or is that just me being bitter?

current mood: bitchy

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Thursday, December 4th, 2003
12:24 am

Well. I need a new idiocy scale. For both of you. The one I had doesn't quite cut it.

If you dear people don't mind my venting... Cut for your viewing pleasure.Collapse )

current mood: infuriated

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Monday, October 13th, 2003
8:56 am - Fuckers!
safeinthecity At least once I day I nearly end up as a bloody tangle of limbs lying in a pile of blood with my warm spicy brains splattered over the road?


Because car drivers are complete shits who take great delight in trying to make cyclists die in interesting bone crunching ways.

I was riding down a straight road. A car overtakes me on my right, nothing odd in that thats how it is supposed to be as long as they don't drive so close I nearly fall off, but he was turning left. He turned left right across me. FUCKER! They are always doing that. Causing me to either break really hard to avoid hitting them or choose something less likely to cause death to crash into instead (like bollards on crossings).

Once due to some stupid bitch in a Porsche breaking too hard I went into the back of the van that crashed into the back of her. The van scarpered very fast then the woman got out of her car to check the back, ignoring me lying in the middle of the road trying to untangle myself from the bike to drag it onto the pavement and check if I am dead or not.

Add to this those shitheads in white vans that overtake about 3mm away from me and then start edging closer so I hit the kerb and it is amazing I am still alive.

They are all fuckers. Put £10,000 worth of steel and an engine under someone and they turn into complete mindless shits. If they knock some other car they have a dent. If they knock a cyclist they get a smaller dent and I can get squished into a bloody pulp with guts everywhere and eyeballs hanging out. Okay I exaggerate here a little... but do these people actually REALISE they can kill me acting like this? Fuckers.

(I am considering a small crossbow for future damngerous drivers. I can mount it on the handlebars.)

Fuckers. (just felt like saying that again. Because they ARE fuckers. What sort of moron care more about arriving somewhere 1 minute earlier than nearly maiming or killing someone? Fuckers. Thats what sort. FUCKERS!!!!)

current mood: annoyed but still alive

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Saturday, October 11th, 2003
8:42 pm - Cuts, officemate, lower life forms

Hi folks, first time poster

In order
LJ CUT people! LJ Effing CUT! When you post a 3 friggin' long page about your angst in one of my favorite groups you bump off the good stuff! Off yourself already. The pills/razor/bus would take less time than typing that post and then the rest of us wouldn't have to suffer!(*Note yes I HAVE talked people out of suicide. And YES, I have suffered from depression. My sympathy is limited for poorly written histrionics)

Dear parental units; performers at renfaires are there to entertain...not just your larvae. Don't LEAVE them with me and walk off to get a beer because I SWEAR I will sell the little knee-biters to the next good bidder.

Dear office mate; I am your co-worker NOT
*your secretary
*child-minder (and this goes double when your little snotbag has a cold)
*Inflation device for your male ego (and other parts)

When I flirt with the hot maintenance guy, compare and contrast. You aren't even in the same horse race.

Judgemental teenage hags. That's great that you are size three, maybe you can climb back down whatever sewer pipe you oozed from and leave those of us with a healthier body image to enjoy our popcorn in peace at the movie theater.

It's been a pleasure...

current mood: rejuvenated

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9:16 pm

3 for 2 offers on condoms in Boots when you have no one to shag.
Are they trying to rub it in, or what!?

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1:30 pm

Stupidly skinny people that keep on with the "I'm so fat and ugly" routine.
Need i say more?

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11:53 am - X-Posted from Personal Journal

Yesterday was horrible. I got locked out of the house whilst walking the dog, by my brother's girlfriend (who i presume thought i had a key). So when i got back to the house only to find the door locked, i had to buy a bowl and bottle of water for Poppetdog as she was cream crackered, phone around and see who was coming home and when. No-one was coming home until 4pm (this is at midday) and i had work at 3. So what to do with the dog?! Well thankfully Gerry agreed to have her for a few hours, but then i had to buy her some dog food and Gerry 20 fags as a thankyou, so i ended up spending about a tenner that i wanted to save for birthday shopping trip. Then postman arrives with my dreads i've been waiting a month for, and that's a hooray, surely? But, no, because i couldnt put them in anywhere cos there was no mirror. I had to buy new make-up as all mine was in the house. I had to buy food as couldn't have dinner at home. Used all my credit on my phone trying to arrange stuff for Poppet. Also felt like I was homeless.
All this and there's no apology waiting for me today. And my mug, with 'Laura' on it has been used. Her name is not 'Laura'. Grrr.
She just sits there like it's her house, she's on the computer when i want to use it, she's in the bathroom when i want the bathroom. Is it wrong to feel like this? I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid for them in April.

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10:33 am - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!

Kinda a little off topic, but who cares, it's my community thingy.
Which is the least infuriating dialup ISP?

current mood: frustrated

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Friday, October 10th, 2003
11:33 am - Bloody buggering buggers of doom!

Job centres.
Horrible buidings housing even more horribel people, and that's just the staff.
The leaflets and booklets that they have on a table in the'waiting area' (3 chairs, and a tiny table)have been drawn on and dis faced by the dole scum muppets that go there, so even if they did contain any interesting info, they certainly don't now.
When entering my local job centre, you have 2 choices. 1) Take a book, just to keep your head down and avoid confrontation with pikeys, but gain one hell of a stuff neck. Or 2) Go un armed and fidget, look at the floor, anything.Pikeys can smell fear. It's always the ties that you go for option 2 that the staff keep you waiting for approximately 3 hours more than you should be.
Also, who's idea was it to stop allowing people on Job seekers allowance to go to college full time instead of one of their training providers that believes that sufficient experience to work in an office will be gained from working in a charity shop? I desperately want to go back to college, but if i did so i would have to sign off and have no income whatsoever, and try and find a way of funding college fees. All because the job centre think that college education isn't going to help me get a job.

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10:50 am - Welcome :)

Now, go forth and bitch people!

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